Athens Clue created in 2012

More than a year ago we got an email from a kind Greek man called Dionisis, that he wants to open an escape game in Athnes. He said that he will quit his daytime job and start and want to start a new lifestyle with this game. He asked for our help, and we said yes. The rest is history…Athens Clue - John Monroe room
Now they are running a succesful business called Athens Clue in the heart of Athens with 5 rooms. They have the John Monroe room, the Lev Pasted room, The lost statues of Knossos (its the Jack Travis room’s alternate version), the Taken room (alternate version of The room of the Lost Child) and a game they developed which is called the Prison Break.

We recently created 2 new game rooms for Athens Clue 2. These are the Mission:Impossible game and the CSI:Athens game room.

Here is their website if you want to have more info on them or you want top book a game there:

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