1: You search for a suitable place for the game, (If you already have it , the better it is.)

2: When you have it, we are contracting, and make the plans for you by the possibilities of the place. (You get a draft floorplan, with the needed separations.) (1 week)

3: You get the list of equipments that you have to purchase. (With the finalized contract.)

4: You start the building phase, and start the purchasing of each game items. (2-3 weeks) (Parts cost for one room about 1500-2000€, but if you would like to use fancy furniture it can be more expensive.)

5: When everything is on-site, we go there and put the escape game together. Duration approx.: 1 week / under 4 rooms) (Our travelling costs are yours, but we always search for optimized prices.)


You need the perfect place where you can install the rooms. We can help you pick the right one.

The minimum size of a room is 20sqm. It is usually divided to two section, with a wall, and a door on it.

You have to count on control area, about 3 sqm/room. Its a simple desk with a laptop, and a gamemaster.

You will also need a welcome area. The more game rooms you have the bigger welcome area you will need.


We don’t use the classic franchise options. It has historical some reasons.

Some of our partners don’t want to show their bookings, and we wouldn’t like to see them either.

So we changed the game rules: We only ask for a yearly success fee, but only after the first 3 months has passed.

There is no difference between the newly planned and a used game plan price.

We can design the game room based on your idea. It only takes around a month to develop it.