Live escape game franchise?

How can you join this live real life escape franchise??? Its very easy. People always keep on asking us, that how does this thing works. They mean […]
escaperooms logo gdansk mazebase

Escape Rooms in Gdansk, Poland

We established 4 real life escape rooms in Gdansk, Poland. We will still do one more game room which will be suitable for up to 10 […]
kijutos logo mazebase web style

Kijutós – live escape game in Debrecen – Hungary

We created the game called Kijutós in Hungary. It was originally called the HintHunt Debrecen, but we renamed it to have a Hungarian name for the […]
PuzzLair logo for MazeBase

Puzzlair Bristol created in England

We created the game called PuzzLair, which is one of the top attractions on Tripadvisor in the city of Bristol. We made 2 rooms there, but […]
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Athens Clue created in 2012

More than a year ago we got an email from a kind Greek man called Dionisis, that he wants to open an escape game in Athnes. […]